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Ensuring The Smooth Flow Of Your PPI Claim in Three Ways

Payment protection insurance’s deadline is certain and another thing that can certainly happen is banks refusing complaints without proper evaluation. To avoid all this hassle for a bad complaint result, here are three things that you could do.

Remember If Your PPI Was Mis-Sold

To find your entire historical record of buying and paying for payment protection insurance, it would be wise to use a data access request, which enables customers to see their previous records. Once the data access request provides evidence you pay PPI regularly, take a medical examination or check your final payslip to prove your ineligibility as you had an accident, sick or were unemployed or self-employed during the time you purchased the insurance policy.

Expect The Bank To Refuse Your Complaint Outright

Banks can be unscrupulous and unfair in their decisions but be prepared to deal with the possibility of a complaint refusal upon submission. The Financial Ombudsman is not too difficult to reach right after and has a 7 out of 10 chance of success for your PPI claim.

Review Your Case Multiple Times

Ask a claims expert or a friend who had accomplished their own PPI claim against their bank successfully so you would not miss any detail that could outright lead your PPI claim results to disarray.