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Scotland PPI Claims

You can claim back your money from mis-sold PPI by yourself, so is it worth using a PPI claims company to do it for you?

That’s the million dollar question and it mostly comes down to your personal choice. As with most things in life, there are pros and cons to using a claims company, just as there are pros and cons to taking on the process by yourself.

The following information will highlight the main benefits of using a PPI claims company versus doing it yourself so you can make a well informed choice.

The Benefits of Using a PPI Claims Company

There’s a reasonable amount of advice online urging people not to use a PPI claims company to claim back their money because, as the line usually goes, “It’s simple to do and there’s no need to pay a middleman.”

And while the process can be quite simple, keep in mind that ‘simple’ is not necessarily the same as ‘easy’.

Here are the four main benefits of using good PPI companies (keep in mind that the emphasis here is on a ‘good’ company as opposed to ‘any’ company):

1. Experience in Handling PPI Claims

Arguably the most important reason to hand your claim over to the experts is their wealth of experience. While it’s possible your claim might be straightforward, it’s also possible that it won’t be.

As with any decent service, a good PPI claims company will have a great deal of experience in spotting mistakes made by banks and in dealing with tricky situations.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) have laid down guidelines that banks and lenders are supposed to follow when processing PPI claims, but it seems they’re not always doing so.

The BBC reported in August (2014) that 2.5 million PPI claims were to be re-examined because claimants appeared to have been short changed with their refunds. The total underpaid amount was estimated to total £1 billion.

Had these claims been handled by a reputable PPI claims company, it’s highly unlikely that these claimants would have been duped by their banks a second time. A good claims company like Have I Got PPI would have spotted the banks’ mistakes and rejected their refund offer in favour of winning the correct amount.

2. Start Your Claims Without Account Numbers

Some PPI claims companies have now negotiated special arrangements with many main banks whereby account numbers are no longer needed to start a claim.

This is a relatively new arrangement, which means thousands of people can now claim on policies that they couldn’t claim on before.

Previously, an account number had to be provided in order to start a claim, otherwise the bank wouldn’t even look at it. Now all that’s needed is your name and the address you were living at when you took out the finance. This information will allow the banks to run a search across their entire network and find any PPI you may have had over the years.

Up until now, many people hadn’t been able to claim on older policies, simply because they’d forgotten their account numbers.

This arrangement is only available to a handful of PPI claims companies — Have I Got PPI being one of them — and is not available to individuals claiming by themselves. In and of itself, this alone could mean the difference between winning a payout or receiving nothing.

3. Saving You Time

When you hand your claim over to a PPI claims company, they’ll handle just about everything for you. When we take on a case, we carry out a full historical credit check for each client and find all instances of PPI, hidden or otherwise.

We then gather all that data, along with additional information from the client and use that to complete as much of the PPI claim form for you as possible.

Once we have completed the PPI claim form with all the necessary information, we send it out to you to sign and return. Your signature acknowledges that all the information is correct and that you have given us authority to claim on your behalf.

Once you return the claim form to us, there’s really very little to do on your part other than to get on with your normal day-to-day life. We keep our clients informed of the status of their claims every step of the way. The entire administration process of writing letters and emails, making phone calls and dealing with your bank is all handled for you.

If your claims need to go to the FOS on appeal, we handle the entire appeals process too.

4. Making Things Stress Free For You

This ties in with the first three benefits. Unless you’re fully up to date with your financial history, have records of all your account numbers and know which accounts had PPI, there’s quite a lot of work to do before even starting your claim.

After gathering all your information, the next step is to get it all together and transfer it onto separate claim forms for each claim you wish to make. How much admin will be needed throughout the process after that will be different for each case, and can vary greatly.

Handing things over to a PPI claims company means you won’t have to do any of that as it will all be done for you, and for many people, that means a lot of stress avoided.

The Cost of Using a PPI Claims Company

There’s really only one so-called downside to using as PPI claims company and that is the fact that, as with any service industry, there is a cost involved. It’s for this reason that those against using claims management companies (CMCs) urge people to claim by themselves.

While it’s true there’s a fee to having us handle your PPI claims for you, it’s for the benefits outlined above that so many people make that choice.

As you have already seen, what you get for any fee paid to a PPI claims company is peace of mind that your claim will receive the fair hearing it should receive. You also get to enjoy the benefits of not having to do any of the leg work yourself and the avoidance of considerable stress.


Having a PPI claims company handle your claim for you means you get:

  1. Their full experience in dealing with banks and handling PPI claims day in and day out
  2. If you’ve forgotten old account numbers, it shouldn’t be a problem as we have a special arrangement with the banks whereby account numbers are no longer needed to start your claim
  3. You save a great deal of time because the claims company will find all instances of PPI and handle the entire process for you
  4. You potentially save yourself quite a bit of stress (how much stress you save yourself will depend on the complexity of your case and your resiliency in dealing with these kinds of matters)

In exchange for the saved time, stress and hassle, there will be a fee to pay for the service you receive if your claims are successful. If you don’t have PPI or you do have it but it wasn’t mis-sold, you won’t pay a penny for any work done.

If you’re looking around for the right PPI claims company for you, be sure to check that they work on a ‘no win, no fee*’ basis as we do.

Any questions?

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