You Can Still Claim Refunds After The PPI Deadline in Three Ways

November 23, 2017
by admin in PPI News

The Financial Conduct Authority made its final decision for the deadline on PPI claims. By August 29, 2019, consumers cannot make a claim. However, the media has portrayed this erroneously. Reviewing the legislative rights of consumers, any UK client can make a complaint about a financial product and receive the proper redress at any time.

If anything, it is the government support that will disappear. Consumers will be left to fend for themselves after the deadline. If you wish to make a PPI claim, then you just need to do these three.

Legal Notice

Claims management company representatives are not solicitors. Therefore, you cannot ask help from any CMC after the claims deadline. However, solicitors tied with these companies can help you. Consult with them and assess whether it is within your right to file a complaint. It can be lengthier than a typical PPI claim process, but you will get your refunds in full, too.

The Financial Ombudsman Service

The FOS is responsible for mediating issues between consumers and companies. In essence, they must be willing to resolve all financial product issues even after the claims deadline. In any case, they will remain the only avenue for non-legal resolution between banks and consumers.

The Bank Itself

By law, banks must resolve all consumer complaints in full. This means as a client, you have the right to complain about any of their products or services. After the deadline, you can still file a complaint. However, there are no guarantees regarding the resolution of your complaint. Without government guidance, it may take longer to process your PPI complaints.