UK Couple’s Case Could Set New Precedent for PPI Claims

July 8, 2018
by admin in PPI News

A couple who signed a £30,000 loan in 2004 inclusive of a £10,500 total PPI repayment cost might just change history before PPI claims end in 2019.

Paragon Personal Finance, which was earlier involved in another landmark PPI case with Susan Plevin, had received £7,985.46 commission from the PPI’s sale to the couple. As per Plevin’s case, it meant they had to refund the total value of the PPI policy the couple paid for in a decade.

St John’s Building’s Barrister Elis Gomer had warned about the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)’s rules as initiating unfair recompense to consumers mis-sold PPI. He had said those who demanded their complete refunds saw cases resolved in private.

With another landmark case finished, the FCA is likely to integrate this new ruling against banks. Claimants who received less than their PPI’s total value can make a claim once again for the remainder.

The UK’s total for PPI recompense is at £40 billion. Experts expect it to rise more than 30% in the coming months before the 29 August 2019 deadline the FCA imposed in 2017.

Experts view the last year of PPI claims as highly stressful as its peak in 2012 or even more. The resources of the Financial Ombudsman Service, FCA, and other bank claim centres will take the biggest stretch before banks finally end and recover from the PPI fiasco.