Three Ways To Avoid Any Hiccups Working With PPI CMCs

March 22, 2018
by admin in PPI News

There are two kinds of claims management companies (CMCs). There are helpful and informative companies that do not force you to use their services and offer useful consultation advice. Then there are others that just want to grab your money from the get-go.

Sometimes, these CMCs would even ask for their part after you successfully received your refunds through a claim you filed by yourself. Here are the steps to avoid that particular issue.

Make No Win No Fee Clear From the Start

CMCs that offer a no-win no-fee basis should make it clear to you from the start that if they are initially unsuccessful with your claim, then they have no right to receive any payment. Upon reading your contract, find these details immediately and sign only if these are present. Keep a copy for yourself as well.

Execute a No-Payment Contract After an Unsuccessful Service

Regardless whether you signed a contract that has the CMC acknowledge they have no claim to your refunds after their unsuccessful rendition of service, have them sign another contract after you officially stop using their service. Once again, make sure to keep a copy for yourself.

Ask The Bank Not To Inform Any CMCs On Your Successful Claim

Lastly, make it clear to the bank servicing your successful complaint that no CMCs should be informed about your success. It is impossible to determine whether they would respect this request. In case they do inform the CMC and the latter asks to receive payment for your successful claim, present the original no win no fee contract and your no-payment contract thereafter.