The First Three Signs Of a PPI Claims Scam

May 11, 2017
by admin in PPI News

Scammers who pretend to be PPI claims managers tarnish the reputation of reputable PPI claims companies. Scammers would charge exorbitant fees or even claim money for work they did not do. Indeed, the PPI claims deadline would put an end to the scamming but before it does, here are a few ways to identify and ultimately avoid a PPI claims scam.

Charging Up Front Fees

Scammers would pose as agents of a bank who found an individual was mis-sold PPI in the few years and would charge a “processing fee.” If they ask for these fees in voucher or PayPal payment modes of payment, be wary. In the first place, any claims company charging up-front fees could be considered scammers.

Suspicious-Looking Website

A website that appears half-finished or lacking a professional appeal is truly questionable. Any company who posits itself as a PPI claims company should have a professional website that offers consultation and links to useful outbound resources such as the Financial Ombudsman’s PPI claim form and useful site to find PPI news.

Unprofessional Representatives

Be wary of claims companies who have questionable conduct when speaking on the phone or responding through email. Be wary of grammatical errors, speaking accents (most claims management companies are in Britain and should carry an English accent or speak fluent english). These are appalling warning signs that should not be ignored at all.