Claims Tips: Can You Claim PPI Refunds on Mistaken Insurance Purchases?

February 26, 2018
by admin in PPI News

You can claim PPI refunds if the attending bank employee, insurance agent, or financial adviser told you a specific brand of policy is compulsory for the financing. However, you cannot make a mis-sold PPI claim if you consciously made a mistake purchasing the policy.

For example, if you purchased an insurance policy without realizing that it would cancel the PPI you already owned, then you cannot make a claim on both insurance policies unless you are eligible or fulfilled its requirements.

If you purchased two PPI policies and you are eligible for both, clarify with your provider if you can receive the benefits despite the existence of another policy. Some companies allow for the shared claim liability between two policies if you purchased them from the same company.

However, cancelling and receiving any possible refunds are the only course of action should the company not recognise the second insurance policy or provide its benefits.

If you are ineligible for the first policy but are eligible for the second, then by all means you are owed refunds and compensation for the mis-sold policy, as per the PPI claims process.

It is important to make a PPI claim as soon as you possibly can because by August 29, 2018, the FCA will impose its PPI deadline. Any claims made after this date will not be honoured by any bank in the United Kingdom.