How To Claim Back PPI When You Lack Paperwork

October 4, 2016
by admin in PPI News

How does a consumer know they were mis-sold PPI?

A quick call to the bank asking if they are one of the possible mis-sold consumers would confirm it.

Another way is to remember whether their bank representative handling their insurance purchase or financing application told them PPI was optional or they could choose an insurer that would have a product suited for them.

To prove both, you’ll need paperwork. Without paperwork, your claims would be unsatisfactory.

But did you know you could claim PPI without paperwork?

Did you know that most consumers could not make a claim because they lack their paperwork? You may be one of them and this is your chance to succeed.

Banks offer a service called the data access request. This allows consumers to request for information that dates back to more than six years from 2016.

Loans, credit cards and other financing made from 2010 will still have their information preserved. But consumers may have to pay an additional fee of £10 per request.

Some claims management companies have tie-ups with banks that allow them to use the data access request to effectively see whether the prospective consumer could lodge a formal refund claim to their bank.

CMCs can also help them in case banks refuse their claim and they need to re-submit their claim to the Financial Ombudsman Service.