Arnold is ‘Likeable Enough’ to be Blunt in His PPI Claims Commercial

September 28, 2017
by admin in PPI News

It looks like an acerbic joke. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s young animatronic counterpart bursts out of a stall of apples to tell you that you need to make a claim for a wrongly-sold insurance policy you never meant to purchase. It grabs your attention, it is silly, but you have to admit that it is effective.


According to M&C Saatchi’s presentation of the idea to the FCA, as per their presentation deck, Arnold is a “doer, not a talker” and if he told you to do something you would. However, unlike other action stars during his time, Arnold is “likeable enough” to get away with his direct-to-the-point script.

There is no denying the Terminator star is familiar to anyone, even to children not born in the 80s. However, the use of Arnold’s animatronic equivalent is hilarious and bizarre, as many consumers have reacted towards the advertising campaign.

Saatchi said the campaign is not about liking the advertisement, but rather, the medium makes a mark and drives home its message that it is time to act upon the consumer’s mis-sold insurance product. According to the creatives group, Arnold’s character will continue to evolve in further commercials concerning reclaiming refunds from banks, and it will be hilarious and still bizarre, probably.