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PPI Claim Form

Need Help With The PPI Claim Form?

You’ll need to complete a PPI claim form for every PPI claim you wish to make. Whichever bank you wish to claim against, the PPI claim form is the same for each one as it is issued by the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) as opposed to the bank itself.

PPI Claim Form

If you simply want a PPI claim form to download so that you can fill it in and get your claim started, you can download one by clicking the link below.

Simply right click and then, depending on which browser you’re using, ‘Save Link As’, ‘Save Target As’ or ‘Download Linked File As’:

Right Click Here and Save The PPI Claim Form

The Most Common Problem With The PPI Claim Form: Forgotten Account Numbers

While completing the PPI claim form is relatively straight forward, albeit somewhat time consuming, there are certain challenges people run into that are relatively common. We’ll talk about those points below so you know what to look out for.

If you took out your finance agreement some time ago and it has already completed its life cycle, then there’s a good chance you no longer have your paperwork and you almost certainly won’t be able to remember the account number, unless of course you have the memory of an elephant.

So what do you do in this situation?

When You’re Claiming by Yourself

If you’re claiming by yourself, the best solution to this common problem is to run a credit check on yourself. A credit check will list all the finance agreements you’ve ever had, which will then allow you to find any instances of PPI that may have been attached.

There are several credit checking services available and the two that we recommend are Credit Expert by Experian or Noddle. Credit Expert is a paid service, although the trial period of 30 days is free – just make sure you remember to cancel the membership before your trial period expires! Noddle is free all the time.

Once you have your financial history, you’ll need to go through it very carefully to find any instances of PPI. But beware! PPI often goes by other names, so don’t just skim through it looking only for ‘PPI’ as you might miss something important. Other names that it might be listed as could be:

  • Accident and Sickness Cover (ASU)
  • Income Protection
  • Loan Protection
  • Loan Repayment Insurance
  • Payment Cover, etc

Claiming PPI Through a Third Party

If you’re thinking of handing your PPI claim over to a third party to claim on your behalf, not only does completing your PPI claim form become considerably simpler, but it’s also possible that the problem of lost or forgotten account numbers becomes a moot point.

We have now negotiated a special agreement with many of the main banks and lenders which means we can get your PPI claim started even if you don’t know your account number or no longer have your paperwork.

How does this special agreement work?

It’s slightly different for different banks, but it essentially works in one of two ways: for the majority of banks, we simply need your full name and previous address history, which we’ll submit with your PPI claim form to your bank. With that information, your bank will check their entire database for all your finances with them. In many cases, they will also check with their sister companies too, which saves a great deal of time and stress.

With other banks, the agreement is that you will need to provide just one account number along with your name and address history, and then the process works the same way. But don’t worry, it can be *any* account number; it doesn’t have to be the account number for your PPI policy.

For example, if you have a current account with the bank in question, simply provide your current account number and that will unlock the system and allow your bank to trace your entire finance history with them and, in many cases, with their sister companies too.

Which Parts of The PPI Claim Form Does This Apply To?

There are two questions on the PPI claim form that require account numbers to be entered, which are questions A4 and C1.

PPI Claim Form Qa4

If you’ve decided to ask us to win your money back for you, then you can leave these two portions of the PPI claim form blank (as long as your bank is on the list that we’ll send out to you).

In addition to being able to leave these two fields blank, there won’t be too much else for you to fill in on the PPI claim form as we will have already pre-filled much of it for you with the information we would have gathered when chatting beforehand.

If you’ve decided to claim by yourself, then you will need to complete these two sections of the claim form with the correct details. As we mentioned earlier, if you currently don’t have these details, you’ll have to go through the credit check process to uncover everything you need to complete your PPI claim form and start your claim.

Which Banks Do You Have This Agreement With?

We acknowledge that what we’re about to say sounds like a cop out, but it is unfortunately one of the criteria of the agreement: We can’t post that information in the public domain.

When we came to this agreement, part of the stipulation was that we wouldn’t publish that information.

So how are you supposed to find out then?

The simplest way is to call our freephone number or pop your details into the short form and we’ll get back to you with answers to your questions. But don’t worry, you’re free to find out which banks we have this agreement with and to ask any other questions you may have regarding the PPI claim form or the PPI claims process in general and we’ll be happy to help you with no obligation on your part to proceed further if you wish not to.

Have More Questions About The PPI Claim Form?

While we’ve covered the most common problem with completing the PPI claim form, which is that of forgotten account numbers, that might not be where you’re stuck. If you have other questions about completing the claim form properly, feel free to get in touch with your questions and we’ll help you out.

You won’t get the hard sell or be pressured into handing your claim over to us. We’d love it if you decide you’d like to do that, but that’s entirely up to you. Drop us a line and we’ll point you in the right direction to get you one step closer to getting your money back (assuming your PPI was actually mis-sold of course).