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How to Get Direct Redress From Mis-sold PPI

How To Get Direct Redress From Mis-Sold PPI

If you are one of the millions of victims of mis-sold PPI, you are entitled to receive direct redress and get your money back.

Whether your PPI was (or still is) on a credit card, a loan, a mortgage or any other type of credit agreement, if it was mis-sold, you have the right to get it back, plus interest.

How Do You Seek Direct Redress On Your Mis-Sold PPI?

Broadly speaking, there are two ways you can get direct redress:

  1. File a complaint by yourself and handle the entire process, or
  2. Get the help of a ppi claims company that seeks direct redress for mis-sold PPI on a daily basis

Stacking The Odds In Your Favour

One way we can help you handle your PPI claims is a special arrangement that we have negotiated with many of the main banks. This special arrangement allows us to uncover hidden PPI that you may not have been aware of (and, therefore, would never have claimed for and been refunded on) without the need of an account number with most of the major banks.

A common challenge in the PPI claims business is that some policies date so far back that our clients had either forgotten about the policy entirely, or they remembered they had it, but couldn’t locate the account numbers.

People seeking direct redress by themselves must provide an account number for each individual policy they wish to claim on. The arrangement that we have negotiated with many of the main banks is that we need only provide your previous address history to the bank you wish to claim against.

With that information, the bank will run a search across their entire database of every loan, mortgage, credit card or any other credit agreement you may have had with them and find where there is PPI attached.

Once you know where you have, or had, PPI, you can then begin the process of seeking direct redress if you believe the policies were mis-sold. Conversely, what you don’t know exists, you can’t claim for.

We often see potential refund amounts jump considerably when old, forgotten policies are uncovered and then claimed on.

Here’s How It Works

Step 1: You sign a letter of authority, which allows us to run this check on your behalf
Step 2: You indicate which bank – or banks – you would like us to run checks against
Step 3: Send your letter of authority back to us in the prepaid envelope and we’ll find any hidden PPI you may have

Seeking Direct Redress by Yourself

If you are thinking you’d like to seek direct redress on your own rather than using a ppi claims company to do it for you, do keep in mind that this special arrangement is not available to individuals, unfortunately.

The banks will only process claims from individuals that have the correct account number written on the claim form. Without the account number, getting the direct redress that you are entitled to can be rather tricky.