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Are PPI Claims Companies More Likely to Win

Are PPI Claims Companies More Likely To Win Your Money Back?

In August 2014, the BBC reported that 2.5 million completed PPI claims were to be reopened. The reason was because of fears that claimants were either short changed with their refunds or, far worse, had their legitimate claims completely rejected. Would this have happened had the claimants used one of the PPI claims companies available to them?

It’s not possible to give a definitive answer to that question. The likelihood of it happening, however, when a good PPI claims company is handling the case is significantly reduced versus someone claiming by themselves.

Let’s take a look at the three main benefits that good PPI claims companies offer.

PPI Claims Companies Have Vast Experience

Okay, it’s probably stating the obvious, but sometimes the obvious can easily be overlooked. Good PPI claims companies have handled a lot of claims. And as with any activity that is done often and consistently enough, you get very good at it, almost developing a sixth sense around the process.

If you seek direct redress by yourself and handle your own PPI claims, it’s probably the first and last time you will have done it. Will you know if the refund amount your bank offers you is accurate or not?

Abi and her team of claims advisers here at Have I Got PPI have seen thousands of refund offers. In the process, they have built up vast experience that allows them to know quite quickly if something is amiss.

Once the suspicion of an incorrect offer has been confirmed by going over your paperwork, their next level of experience is in then going back to your bank to point out their errors, challenging them for the correct refund amount, which they usually get.

This can sometimes be the difference between a few hundred pounds extra, up to several thousand pounds extra.

Forgotten Account Numbers Aren’t A Problem

When the payment protection insurance scandal first broke, each individual claim that was submitted had to have the relevant account number written on the claim form, otherwise your bank wouldn’t even look at it.

If you had lost or forgotten your account number, there wasn’t much you or we could do. Now, almost four year later, that’s changed for us and we’re now able to process many claims even when you’ve lost or can’t remember your account numbers.

Earlier this year, we successfully negotiated with many of the main high street banks an arrangement whereby we only need to submit your name and previous address history in order for them to find all instances of PPI.

It doesn’t just stop with that one individual bank either; the search that your bank runs with this information spans their entire network of related companies. The difference this has made for many people is, quite simply, huge.

Not all PPI claims companies have this arrangement with the banks, but we do.

If forgotten account numbers has been a stumbling block for you up until now, this arrangement could mean you finally getting back the money that is rightfully yours.

This arrangement is also good for finding entire accounts that you may have forgotten about, as well as just the account numbers.

The PPI Claims Company That Aims To Serve You

You don’t have to use us or any of the other PPI claims companies that are around to handle your PPI claim for you; you can claim by yourself.

For many people, though, that just isn’t a viable option. Whether it’s a busy work schedule, a hectic home life with kids and family or simply an aversion to handling these kinds of things, some people prefer to have their PPI claims handled for them.

We would love for you to be the next happy client we serve.

We offer a no obligation chat so you can find out more about how we can help you without the pressure of having to take things further if you decide not to. It’s called a no obligation chat for exactly that reason.

If you have any questions or simply need some advice, give us a call on 0800 840 7290 or pop your details into the short form above and we’ll get back to you shortly.