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Three Reasons Why You Should Use Direct Redress To Reclaim Your Refunds

Anyone who was mis-sold PPI would want to get their refunds in full. That’s about £3,500 of your money down the drain. You could use it as a down payment for a new car, or some cash to spend when you go on your favourite vacation. You could even re-invest that money and grow it to your advantage.

A direct redress allows you to have the bank check all your existing accounts with them, especially older ones, and see if you have a mis-sold PPI attached to them. So why should you take the trouble to do this?

A Full Refund

A full refund isn’t just having your bank refund your entire PPI repayment in the last few years. It’s getting ALL the regular PPI repayments you’ve made and keeping them for yourself. It’s not just the £3,500 you can receive from your bank, but all the £3,500 checks you could get from your bank through your different accounts.

Surprise Refunds

The fun side of direct redress is you can uncover some old financing you’ve had. These closed accounts direct redress can access for you. If you spot a PPI you couldn’t use during the time, you can get all the refunds you deserve in full!

Special Arrangements

Claims management companies such as have special arrangements with banks to check on all your existing and closed accounts for mis-sold PPI. All you need to do is sign a letter of authority that allows these CMCs to check all the banks you’re affiliated with to find the PPI you’ve long forgotten.

Unfortunately, this service is only available to select CMCs. Inquire with your CMC today to know more about direct redress!